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NBC In Trouble After Olympics

Many people tuned in over the last two weeks to watch the Olympics in Vancouver.  But if you’re on Facebook or were surfing around to find live coverage, you knew that many people were infuriated by NBC’s lack of live coverage and the tape-delay issue.  Those on the East Coast weren’t that affected by the taped delay because NBC thinks the center of the universe is 30 Rock.  But if you lived anywhere west of the Mississippi, you got to know who won BEFORE seeing the event if you went to ESPN or the NBC Olympics joke of a website.

Things are so bad that NBC has received a letter from a high-ranking senator regarding antitrust matters.  The letter has expressed concern that its “Internet coverage of the Olympics was limited to pay television subscribers.”  If you were one of the ones trying to watch live, streaming coverage over the NBC website, the only way you could watch was if you validated your subscription to either a cable, satellite, or IPTV provider.  This isn’t the first time that this has happened or the first site to employ this strategy.  Fancast does it and also ESPN if you want to watch ESPN360.  If you’re a Comcast customer, you’re golden since you have access to all three of the aforementioned.

Some say the reason why the website was set up like that was because NBC had no interest in maximizing viewership for the games.  This seems stupid because not only did they not receive a maximum number of viewers, but also didn’t offset what is sure to be hundreds of millions of dollars lost.  If you can stream live curling (and don’t get me wrong but I’m hooked on the sport), why can’t you stream live bobsled or even the figure skating?  I knew who won the women’s figure skating before I watched it…it was a joke and anticlimactic.  So great job NBC in living up to your fourth-place ranking of the major TV networks.

One Response to “NBC In Trouble After Olympics”
Hem - March 1st, 2010 at 3:10 pm

I am DUMBFOUNDED at NBC for this. The Olympics is a sporting event. Yet we have to watch garbage just to see a few select highlights of tape delayed sports!!
The worst part is that their decision ruined the chance to watch the Olympics with my 6 yr old son and 8 yr old daughter. Despite being inspired by Shaun White or Joannie Rochet, they cannot watch them perform because NBC only shows the event at 11:00pm and they have to go to bed for school!! Unbelievable!!
NBC, you BLEW it!! Your coverage stunk up the place!!!

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